Happy New Year!

Bring it on 2014!

I’m so excited for this year – we just booked a ski vacation to Mont Tremblant in Canada, despite the fact that I despise winter – Dr. J loves skiing, so this one’s for him! My parents live in a whole new and awesome town, Newburyport, so I can’t wait to visit and explore! We have 4 weddings this summer/fall, each from a different time in our lives – high school, college, med school, family! And last, but certainly not least, the first of our friends is having a baby in March – congrats Dr. K and Josh!

I also have several projects and DIYs to my/ Dr. J’s to do list – one of which is already completed! As you may already know, I’m a little obsessed with chalkboard and typography. I really love the Paper-Source Chalkboard Inspired Calendar, but $30 on a calendar is a little much for a one time use paper calendar if you ask me. The wall of our kitchen also needed a little life added to it, so I was determined to make a statement. But how to add a chalkboard to the wall without painting and screwing into the wall (we rent) but without sacrificing quality and durability (the contact chalkboard paper didn’t get the best reviews)?

Home Depot, that’s how! (I was not compensated by HD for this project in any way, they just happened to have everything I needed in one place)

First, I discovered that Home Depot has these awesome pre-chalkboarded sheets of MDF for the very low price of around $10 for a 2×4 size board – I got two, because I wanted a giant wall calendar!

Second, so I don’t have to redraw the calendar grid or the days of the week every month – I used these very permanent oil based paint Sharpie markers (and a ruler) to draw right on the chalkboard MDF before mounting it on the wall. (Disclaimer – I used pencil first because I’m a perfectionist and because I cannot stress to you enough the permenance of the oil based Sharpie markers)

Third, because we didn’t want to use nails or screws to mount the calendar, I stocked up on some Command Picture Strips with the highest lb-rating I could find and used probably three times more than I needed for the 7.5lb sheet of MDF.


Our Giant Calendar! It measures 2' x 8' so it's hard to get it all in one picture

Our Giant Calendar! It measures 2′ x 8′ so it’s hard to get it all in one picture

The days of the week, the grid, and the ribbon flag are permanent - everything else is erasable!

The days of the week, the grid, and the ribbon flag are permanent – everything else is erasable!

Recognize the font?

View from the other side

The chalk wipes clean with a damp cloth and the oil based Sharpie markers leave very permanent calendar grids, days of the week, and other doodles/decorations! Now we have a Giant Perpetual 6-month Chalkboard Calendar that we can use year after year!

Happy DIYing in 2014!


p.s. You may have noticed that one of our chalkboards is held to the wall with nails. That’s because you need flat flush/plumb walls to use the Command Strips with such a long, heavy item. Turns out, the walls in our old Philly brownstone are not flat!


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