Welcome to PGY2…!

After a lovely, albeit cloudy, beach trip to Atlantic City to mark the end of the first year of residency (!), Dr. J and I have embarked on PGY2.. and oh boy, this year is going to be a doozy!


Dr. J and I enjoying a cloudy day at the beach

Dr. J and I enjoying a cloudy day at the beach

Had to go on a ride, of course!

Had to go on a ride, of course!

Dr. J and some his fellow rising JARs/PGY2s

Dr. J and some his fellow rising JARs/PGY2s

Doctors love boogie boards!!

Doctors love boogie boards!!

While intern year posed a steep learning curve and 90+ 80 hour work weeks, Dr. J’s program had a lovely 6+2 schedule, which means 6 weeks on the wards (with one weekend day off) followed by 2 weeks of ambulatory service with a golden weekend during ambulatory! Very predictable. Good for people, like me, who like to make plans in advance. PGY2 year…not so much.

On top of working 12-16 hour days, every fourth day he goes in at 9AM and stays until 12noon the next day. He gets every 8th day off. Predictable yes, easy to plan things together..no. I tried to write it all down on our giant calendar. Turns out despite only working 4 days a week I still won’t overlap many days off with Dr. J. Le sigh…

But! I know I still have it better than other residency programs, so I’ll end my little pity party there and be grateful I still get to go to bed beside him most nights of the week.

Luckily, I have lots of art/craft/sewing projects lined up while Jason is hard at work! And a super cute doggie companion. If you’re a medical spouse (or an MD to be with a spouse/SO), I highly recommend getting a dog during residency if both your schedules allow for it – there will always be at least one someone at home ready to happily greet you every day! We also found a great dog sitter service for when we do actually get to go to a wedding/weekend away – more on that to come!

Finishing up some Sunday night art projects! (Dr. J is at work 9AM until 12noon tomorrow!)

Bridget (& Luke Skywalker)


One thought on “Welcome to PGY2…!

  1. That’s a lot of hours! Glad you are seeing the bright side of things during this tough/exciting time. When this period is done, life will be a piece of cake! We love you guys and are right behind you all the way.
    xoxox m & d

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