Dear Diary

About a month ago, Dr.J and I started a little family diary. Like really little. Only one memory a day. I saw the idea of a perpetual calendar diary floating around Pinterest for quite a while now and even made one for my sister for Christmas. Her daily entries are probably a tad more exciting than mine as she spends several months a year in Kenya studying ecology – see her awesome blog here! 

I don’t know why I put off making one for Dr.J and I for so long, but I finally did it!

Even Dr. J participates! His entries are usual related to his day at the hospital – May 18, 2014: Ran first code in CCU – while mine are usually related to a sunny day or something delicious we made for dinner – May 20, 2014: Fried Chicken and Waffles for dinner!

I can’t wait to see how the days fill up year after year.


Make your own DIY Perpetual Diary Calendar

-366 Index cards (I cut mine in half)

-12 index cards covered in contrasting paper (to separate months)

-Box (I found the one pictured at Michael’s but I used this ceramic berry box from Crate and Barrel for my sister’s)


1. Label each card with a day of the year

2. Cover your 12 extra index cards with fun paper to separate each month (this is optional, of course)

3. Every day add a short one-line memory to that day’s card in the following format –  year: memory


Happy Memory Recording!