Welcome to PGY2…!

After a lovely, albeit cloudy, beach trip to Atlantic City to mark the end of the first year of residency (!), Dr. J and I have embarked on PGY2.. and oh boy, this year is going to be a doozy!


Dr. J and I enjoying a cloudy day at the beach

Dr. J and I enjoying a cloudy day at the beach

Had to go on a ride, of course!

Had to go on a ride, of course!

Dr. J and some his fellow rising JARs/PGY2s

Dr. J and some his fellow rising JARs/PGY2s

Doctors love boogie boards!!

Doctors love boogie boards!!

While intern year posed a steep learning curve and 90+ 80 hour work weeks, Dr. J’s program had a lovely 6+2 schedule, which means 6 weeks on the wards (with one weekend day off) followed by 2 weeks of ambulatory service with a golden weekend during ambulatory! Very predictable. Good for people, like me, who like to make plans in advance. PGY2 year…not so much.

On top of working 12-16 hour days, every fourth day he goes in at 9AM and stays until 12noon the next day. He gets every 8th day off. Predictable yes, easy to plan things together..no. I tried to write it all down on our giant calendar. Turns out despite only working 4 days a week I still won’t overlap many days off with Dr. J. Le sigh…

But! I know I still have it better than other residency programs, so I’ll end my little pity party there and be grateful I still get to go to bed beside him most nights of the week.

Luckily, I have lots of art/craft/sewing projects lined up while Jason is hard at work! And a super cute doggie companion. If you’re a medical spouse (or an MD to be with a spouse/SO), I highly recommend getting a dog during residency if both your schedules allow for it – there will always be at least one someone at home ready to happily greet you every day! We also found a great dog sitter service for when we do actually get to go to a wedding/weekend away – more on that to come!

Finishing up some Sunday night art projects! (Dr. J is at work 9AM until 12noon tomorrow!)

Bridget (& Luke Skywalker)


Oh Happy Day!

We got to add this wicked awesome memory to our daily calendar today! Dr. J wrote it in himself!

It’s hard to believe we’re already a third of the way through residency. So much has happened in this last year yet I feel like it went by in a flash! Even crazier is that Dr. J has decided on a fellowship track for after residency (Pulm-Critical Care) and we have to start thinking about the next step already. Can’t wait to see what PGY2 brings us!

But first, an end of the year/beginning of the year beach retreat to Atlantic City this weekend with his fellow rising junior residents!


Happy days ahead,

Match Day

Next week, fourth year medical school students (and some interns, too) will be finding out where they will spend the first years of their career as a doctor.

The Match is kind of a crazy system, especially when trying to explain it to non-medicine people/relatives/friends. The basic gist of it is that each graduating medical student ranks the hospitals where they were fortunate enough to have an interview from most desirable to least, the hospitals then rank all their applicants from most desirable to least – and then someone somewhere hits a button and a computer algorithm matches each applicant with their highest ranked program based on the hospital ranking of applicants and voila! The assignments are put into envelopes and fourth years everywhere open them on Match Day! (there’s actually more to it than that..but that’s basically what happens)

As you might have guessed, Match Day is not all fun and excitement…

First, for most specialty residencies, there simply aren’t enough residency slots at hospitals to match every single applicant. Luckily, no one opens up a blank envelope in front of their family/peers at Match Day if they didn’t match. That’s where Black Monday comes in. From the convenience of their home, applicants get an email the Monday before Match Day that tells them simple whether or not they have matched. Cue sigh of relief or panic attack. A note to all graduating medical students, if you have a friend who does not match, please do not avoid them on Black Monday – bring them pizza and ice cream and a box of tissues, because they need your support to jump right back into the applications for The Scramble (exactly what it sounds like, unmatched applicants scramble for for the small list of open residency spots after the initial match).

Second, nothing about the match is certain. You/your significant other could be at the top of the class, have a stellar application, interviewed at the best hospitals and still every hospital that is ranked is fair game for the match. If you truly have no desire whatsoever to live in a certain place, don’t rank it if you have the option, because you really truly could be matched at any of the programs you rank (yes most get one of their top three rankings but, especially in competitive specialties, any program is still fair game).

2013 Match Day at Mardi Gras World

2013 Match Day at Mardi Gras World

Last year at this time, Dr. J and I were getting pretty excited about the prospect of moving back to our home city. I was lucky enough to have a husband who was able to turned down an interview with a top ranking program because of the location and who allowed me to have a say in the rank list he submitted. I went into The Match convinced Dr. J was going to match at his #1 choice – we were already looking at houses to buy, dogs to adopt, gyms to join – wrong. wrong. wrong. Match Day at Tulane is, like everything in New Orleans, a party. After a group picture and introduction, graduates are called up one by one to collect their envelopes with their future neatly typed inside. Dr. J’s name was called and I thought I knew what was inside the envelope. Dr. J opened it and I saw the letters PA and all I could think was “What? No way! He must have got the wrong envelope! We were supposed to match in Boston!” Meanwhile – Dr. J was elated, smiling ear to ear and hugging and high five-ing everyone in sight. I was a little in shock at the situation – afterall a computer program had just determined the next 3-4 years of our life – but I didn’t (selfishly) cry until we got home. Dr. J knew I was not entirely thrilled with the results of the Match and kept telling me, “You’re gonna love Philly, I promise. I wouldn’t have ranked it if I didn’t think you’d like it.”

match results!

And you know what, he’s right! Philly is a great little city, we’ve met lots of wonderful people, we live closer to home and friends, adopted a cutie pie of a dog, and even found a place for me to take dance class twice a week.

Happy Match Day to All Next Week!


p.s. If you were wondering Dr. J ranked UPenn #2 (although sometimes I think he ranked it #1 and didn’t tell me)

The Big Golden Apple

For Dr.J’s first golden weekend (of two!) of September we drove up to NYC to visit some good friends from college (Lauren and Kevin) and med school (Drs. J & L). It was a lovely relaxing weekend (if you don’t count all the many miles of walking we did every day) and it was so nice to get to spend some time with our friends. Luke Skywalker came along for the ride and was mostly behaved, expect for the incident in the car where he viciously barked/attacked when Kevin got in the car to help us find parking. Out of the car, they became friends again and all was good.

DSC_0937 DSC_0940 DSC_0949 DSC_0963 DSC_0968


I feel so lucky to have a husband who matched in one of his top choices for residency giving us the ability to be closer to family and friends! We love and miss NOLA, but it is just so nice to be able to visit friends and family without so much advance planning!

Happy Weekend!


2 months down!

Dr. J has been doctoring for two months now! My how time flies!

Some things I’ve learned so far:

1. If dinner happens before 8:30PM it’s a good night. If he’s not home by 9:30, I eat by myself.

2. Appreciate any little thing he does around the house. Even if he doesn’t know where half the things in the dishwasher go.

3. A day off will consist of at least two naptimes.

4. Dr. J will immediately fall asleep at the mention of taking Luke out for his bedtime walk.

Picnic Nap

Picnic Nap

Yesterday was our one day off together!  We try to do as many social things as possible on J’s one day off (unless it’s raining and then we just sit inside and snuggle and watch movies). Dr. J’s parents were in town for a visit (that was unfortunately cut short) so we went to brunch in the morning, then we went on a nice long walk with Luke Skywalker (that ended in Dr. J carrying Luke home like a baby because his little legs were so exhausted). J went for a bike ride with one of his co-interns, we met up with friends/interns for a picnic and then met up with another group of friends/interns for a rooftop sunset get together. Phew! And he was back in the hospital by 6AM this morning!

Good night!

View from the rooftop!

I also made a big bowl of strawberries and blueberries with a lemon honey glaze and fresh vanilla whipped cream for the get together, but there were no utensils as everyone else had brought finger food..so now I will be eating strawberries/blueberries/whipped cream with every meal…not that i’m complaining about it.

Happy Sunday,


Exciting things to come!

We hope to have some exciting news to share with everyone by next weekend!!

In the meantime..

I’ve started my new job at a pediatric primary care office! I’m still very much in orientation phase, but I’m really happy with the team I’m joining!

Dr. J is on his ambulatory (read: outpatient clinics) rotation right now, so we actually have the same work schedule! It’s really nice to have dinner before 8PM during the week. This weekend he’s on ‘night float’ though, which means he’ll be working 8PM – 9AM. While he loves residency so far he hates when he’s on the night float sleep schedule.. He’s been singing this a lot in anticipation of starting night float:


We’ll also be putting the Black Out Curtains to the test this weekend – fingers crossed they work well!

Lastly, my sister, Grace, is spending another summer in Kenya at the Mpala Research Centre!! Check out her blog here: Kenyeaah

Impala at Mpala Photo by: Grace Charles

Impala at Mpala
Photo by: Grace Charles

Stay cool out there!



The blog is open!

The blog is open!

My little blog, Medically Ever After, is officially open!

I’m a pediatric nurse, frequent DIY-er, occasional recipe tweaker, amateur photographer, and wife to an amazing husband/medical resident.

Here, at Medically Ever After, I’ll share the projects I make, goodies I bake, and pictures I take, along with some wisdom (and some rantings, I’m sure) on being married to a medical resident.